A Professional Career - not just a Job

Cox Partners is recruiting.

Join Cox Partners Estate Agents for a professional career

We’re expanding our team of results-focused people – skilled in sales, customer care, and ethics. We teach these skills to the right people who want a professional career, not merely a job.

With the right people and the right training, our aim is to improve the real estate industry; not only for our agency, but for the clients we serve.

We believe that ‘traditional’ payment schemes are one of the underlying causes for the bad reputation suffered by many agents. Most agencies remunerate salespeople by ‘commission only’ or a ‘pay back retainer’. They hire almost anybody and hope things ‘work out’.

In many cases things don’t work out. Salespeople can struggle for months on pitiful incomes only to leave the industry feeling disillusioned. The industry loses many potentially successful people with these payment schemes.

Cox Partners won’t just hire just anybody, and all team members must successfully complete several interviews, training programs and tests. Our people are salaried professionals, who are paid well to deliver the results and service that exceed our clients expectations.

The personal and financial rewards are high. The base income of our Sales Partners is $77,000 – which excludes bonuses. Bonuses are based on sales performance and can easily equal the base income. Salespeople are expected to earn at least $100,000 annually in personal income. Many earn earn well over $150,000 per annum.

Traditionally, real estate offices preferred to hire experienced people – not at Cox Partners Estate Agents. We prefer people with NO experience selling real estate. We teach newcomers selling skills. We believe thorough and continuous learning is essential.

The success rate of our salespeople far exceed industry averages. Our methods are proven.

People who have the following characteristics are most likely to do well:

  • no real estate sales experience
  • stable employment history
  • own property
  • excellent character
  • hungry for success.

With these characteristics, you can succeed, provided you work hard and are constantly learning. Your desire and determination are key.

People from all age groups and backgrounds can enjoy a successful real estate career in our agency. As in life, the character of a person is the true measure of their success.

If you aspire to being part of our high performing culture please call me personally to schedule a confidential conversation, and a copy of our booklet “Consider a Career in Real Estate with Cox Partners”.

I look forward to hearing from you. Call me, Malcolm Cox, on (06) 835-4321.

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