Consider a Career in Real Estate – $77,000 Base Income

If you are serious about your choice of career, we are seriously interested in you.

Our real estate office has a proven approach to selling real estate based on superior benefits to sellers and buyers.

We offer our salespeople a guarantee. If you are selected and you follow the duties in your role, your income will exceed $100,000 after your first year on the sales team. Within 2 years you could easily earn $150,000 or more.

In addition to the financial rewards you will be part of the most ethical, respected and successful real estate system in the country. This is a long-term career. We hope you stay with us for many years because you will be proud of your work. It’s a great life, with many benefits!

If you are of excellent character, if you own or are buying your own home, if you live in Napier and you have no experience in real estate, we urge you to consider a career with Cox Partners.

The entry requirements are high. You will undergo intensive training before you commence. You will need to pass a series of written and practical tests and you will have a three-month qualifying period.

If you qualify, you will receive a base income of $77,000 per annum. You can then receive bonuses based on performance which we guarantee (provided you follow the system) will see your first year’s income easily exceed $85,000. We make this offer based on the proven success of this system.

If you would like more details, please call and ask for our FREE information booklet. Please email or phone Michelle Hickmott on (06) 835-4321