What makes a sales person great?

During the week I have been reviewing our goals and plans for the remainder of the year.

I’m very proud of our people – of who they are, what they achieve and the enthusiastic, positive feedback our clients and customers provide about our people.

And I’ve been reflecting on what makes a GREAT sales person. It’s not complicated, and it’s within reach of almost anyone who wants to have a great life and is willing to work toward it. Here are my thoughts . . .


Success begins with a decision. In my experience, at some point in their career great salespeople decide to separate themselves from mediocrity and decide to become the best they can be. 

In other words, they get serious. This decision is a necessary starting point.


Coupled with a decision to be great, is a commitment to follow through – and to continue to follow through – until a high level of competence is achieved. It’s easy to commit, but it takes character to follow through day after day until you reach your goal.


Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Setbacks are inevitable, and no matter how big the challenge, it’s going to help you get better. Allwinners encounter setbacks, you’ve just got to decide whether you’ll be immobilised, or instead face and conquer them.


Patience is not procrastination. Thedifference between the two is ACTION. Winners are always doing something which makes them improve in their chosen profession. Success is rarely immediate, you must patiently work toward improving and understanding that by taking steps to improve, and acting on that knowledge, success is just a matter of time.


Ordinary results are a result of ordinary knowledge and ordinary execution. Extraordinary results occur when competent people perform results-creating actions again and again. 

All of this is under your control.

If you’re serious about a high performance career, we’re seriously interested in you. 

If you aspire to being part of a culture of high-performing sales people please call me, Malcolm Cox, personally on (06) 835 4321 for a confidential conversation and a copy of our Career Information booklet.

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What makes a sales person great?