We price our homes.

Nobody likes playing ‘Guess the Price!’ At all levels of the market, there are way too many stories of disappointment and deceit. A Cox Partners home always has a price.

This strategy attracts enquiry from the best buyers. Then our agents leverage the competition for the home so those buyers to put forward their very best price.

Our welcome mat is always out – seven days till seven.

Outside these hours we’re just a phone call away.

The great thing about not hanging around open homes is we’ve got time to talk to buyers and sellers! To give them exactly what they need.

See it today. Buy it today – an uncommonly good idea!

We’ve dismantled the system where homes are a free-for-all, packed with people with no intention of buying. Instead we take pre-qualified buyers through our homes, at a time that suits them.

If they want to make an offer, we let all our agents know and those agents can then call any other interested parties. The best offer wins!

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