All our real estate marketing is FREE to sellers.

The Internet has changed everything, yet most of the industry hasn’t caught up.

Our marketing campaigns are primarily conducted online, where the market hangs out most.

Of course, we have a presence in print too, but we’re big on fishing where the fish are. That’s common sense!

Transparent, consistent reporting.

Every enquiry is logged and tracked.

You’ll get a phone call with feedback after every inspection if you like, and a written report each fortnight to keep you up-to-date with how the market is responding to your property.

This should be common practice. At Cox Partners it is!

The Home Sellers Protection Guarantee.

This consumer guarantee was created by a real estate advocacy group to ensure that when an agency lists and sells your property, the agency is held accountable for the promises they make.

We’re happy to sign it – many other agents aren’t so enthusiastic about it!


The truth is they’re in dangerously short supply in the real estate industry.

Good values are what create great value in any business – ours is no exception.

You couldn’t be in safer, more professional hands than Cox Partners.
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