Buying Your Home

How We Can Help You . . .

At Cox Partners, we want to help you find the right home. We don’t want you to feel like “just another face in the crowd” at those typical open-inspections. If you want someone who respects your feelings, listens to you and helps you to find the home you want, at a price you can afford, your Cox Partners agent can be that person.

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We Understand

Buying a home is an important event. For some people, it’s the biggest financial event of their lives. But it’s not just about money, it’s also about feelings. At Cox Partners we know how you feel. Our people have all bought a home at some stage in their lives. They know what it means to spend days, weeks or even months looking for the right home. It can be a nightmare of frustration and heartache. Or it can be one of the best experiences of your life.
Finding the right agent will make finding the right home a whole lot easier for you. This page explains what Cox Partners can do to help you.

Please Sit Down

Before you go looking for a home, sit down and talk about it. Our Sales representative will arrange a time to suit you, so that you can explain exactly what you want, where you want it and what price range you wish to pay. We can provide you with a selection of homes specifically based on what you want.
One of the most frustrating parts of buying a home is having to look at homes you don’t like. If the agent knows what you are looking for, you will save yourself a lot of frustration.

Bring Your Partner

Buying a home is often a joint decision. It can be hard to avoid an argument if frustration sets in. Reduce the frustration by involving your partner as much as possible.

Area Research

Before you go looking for homes in an area, check out the area. Make sure you really do want to live in that area. Often you can buy a better home at a cheaper price in a different area. Ask yourself what is most important to you – the area or the price. Usually, it’s both, but which comes first? If you place the area first, then the home may not be exactly what you want. If you place the price first, the area may not be as convenient for you. It’s a big decision, so give it plenty of thought.

Financial Research

If you are borrowing money – as most buyers do – make sure you get the best rate possible. Seek independent advice and know exactly how big a financial commitment you wish to make. Always ask yourself what could happen if something goes wrong. Be safe financially and you’ll never lose sleep worrying about whether or not you can afford the next payment.

We may offer you suggestions but we are not qualified financial advisers. We recommend ‘independent’ advice if you are buying or selling. We NEVER receive kickbacks from lenders, so at least any suggestions we make will be impartial. Still, you are urged to seek indendent advice.

Maximum Price

Know the highest price you are prepared to pay. To buy the right home you should be the buyer who is prepared to pay the best price for that home.


We will make it as easy as possible for you to inspect homes at times to suit you. You will rarely see homes open for inspection at set times with anyone being allowed to wander through. Please understand that the only people who should inspect a home are those who are genuinely interested in buying the home.

For security, all people who inspect a home for sale must be identified by the agent. And, besides, when you buy your home, you will not have that nervous feeling about those hordes of strangers who have snooped around your home.

Prices Quoted

There will be no “price ranges” showing a low price in order to bait you. We offer homes for sale with specific prices. However, please understand that we are not the owners of the homes being offered. Sometimes a home may be sold for MORE than the “asking” price. If there are two or more buyers who wish to buy at the full asking price, each buyer will be given the opportunity to offer their highest price. Subject to the approval of the owners, the home may be sold to the buyer who makes the highest offer.

All offers will be confidential between the buyer making the offer, the agent and the owner of the home. Offers from different buyers will not be disclosed to other buyers thus protecting the owners from under-selling their homes. For this reason you are encouraged to offer your best price at all times.

Price Haggling

We try to follow a ‘NO HASSLE, NO HAGGLE’ concept. Real estate is notorious for tricks and games but we have strict codes of ethics and client care. We believe good ethics is good business. It is much more pleasant for everyone to be ‘open’ and ‘upfront’, rather than indulge in “playing games”.

Please understand that the best homes sell readily, usually within the first month of being offered for sale. It is best for you, therefore, to make your best offer and give yourself the best chance to buy the home you want. If you can afford it, pay a little more for the right home. The years of happiness you enjoy will be well worth avoiding the hassle of haggling and the risk of losing the home you really want.

The Home Your Want

When you find the home you want, you will be asked to declare the highest price you will pay for the home. If your highest price is acceptable to the owners, you will most likely be able to buy the home. However, until such time as the owners have signed a legally binding contract, you cannot be certain that the home is “yours”.


You are encouraged to seek independent legal and professional advice on all aspects of buying a home. The cost of a good solicitor and a good building inspector can represent excellent value for what may be your biggest ever financial investment.

We understand your need for peace of mind, and should do everything possible to make sure that buying a home is one of the best events of your life.

We wish you every success in your search for your home.

Thank you for considering Cox Partners Estate Agents.