Selling Your Home

8 Reasons to Sell with Cox Partners Estate Agents

You receive a guarantee that the selling price you are quoted will be honest and accurate. If your home sells below the price quoted, you will not be charged any commission. This means you can trust the agent’s quote.

2. ‘Fair-Go’ Fees

Our representatives are trained negotiators. This means a better price for your home. The extra you receive should more than cover the selling fee. However, unless you believe you have indeed received the best market price for your home, you can pay the agent any fee you believe is fair.

3. No Fees in Advance

You do not pay any money in advance for any reason. Until your home is sold you pay nothing. Unless the agent does what was promised to you, you do not pay anything. This means you cannot lose money if your home does not sell or if you change your mind and decide not to sell.

4. Advertising

Typical real estate advertising damages the value of your home. The agent will protect the value of your home by only bringing it to the attention of buyers who are genuine and qualified. If advertising sold your home you would not need an agent. If you doubt this, ask the agent to explain why advertising gets you a lower price.

5. Respect for You and Your Property

Your agent protects your privacy and your reasons for selling. Buyers will never be encouraged to offer a low price for your home. We encourage you to mystery-shop our agency to see how we place such a high importance on respecting homesellers and protecting their interests.

6. Secure Inspections

You have the agent’s commitment that no one will inspect your home unless they have been identified and they are genuine buyers. You will not have hordes of strangers or neighbours coming for a ‘sticky-beak’. Your personal security is something we take very seriously.

7. Final Selling Price

The final selling price for your home will be the best market price available. If any buyer pays less than they were willing to pay, then your agent will either pay you the difference or forfeit the selling fee. This means you will not make the common mistake of under-selling your home.

8. Consumer Protection Guarantee

In order to demonstrate our commitment to your best interest, we willingly sign a 7 point Consumer Protection Guarantee. No other group of real estate agents offer such a complete level of protection. This means you areĀ assured of the best price and the best service.

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