Mistakes & Solutions

18 Mistakes Made by Homesellers and How to Protect Yourself . . .

Selling your home can be a nightmare of frustration and disappointment.

It can cost you thousands of dollars, either in selling too cheaply or in needless expenses.

It need not be this way.

Selling your home should be a pleasant and rewarding experience. You should receive the highest price at the lowest possible cost.

This post will help you avoid eighteen costly mistakes.

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Mistake 1:     No Guarantee

Mistake 2:     Not Trusting the Agent

Mistake 3:     Advertising Costs

Mistake 4:     Demanding Advertising

Mistake 5:     Choosing A High Quoting Agent

Mistake 6:     Selecting A Cheap Agent

Mistake 7:     No Buyer Records

Mistake 8:     Open Listing

Mistake 9:     Auction

Mistake 10:   Open Inspections

Mistake 11:   For Sale Sign

Mistake 12:   Closed Agent

Mistake 13:   No Negotiation Skills

Mistake 14:   Revealing Your Reason

Mistake 15:   Using a Bait Price

Mistake 16:   Over Capitalisation

Mistake 17:   Sparkle Presentation

Mistake 18:   Ignoring Early Buyers